Welcome to sleeti Demo!

What is all this?

This is sleeti Demo, which runs sleeti, an attempt to convert eeti.me from procedural code to MVC with Slim 3 and Eloquent, maintained by myself, Bytewave. This is a personal project, mostly because Alex doesn't like MVC and I do. :)

How can I join sleeti Demo?

Simply click the "sign up" link in the top right.

What kind of limitations are there to sleeti Demo?

Not many. The max upload size is set around 8 GB, but I wouldn't recommend uploading large files too often. The server sleeti Demo runs on is rather small in terms of disk space, and excessively large file uploads could fill the disk. Any excessively large uploads that appear to be causing problems will be removed by our site moderators, and any repeat offenses may result in an account termination.

Can I run sleeti myself?

Sure! Just click here to visit sleeti's GitHub repo. sleeti is completely free and open source, and you're welcome to run your own copy or submit patches!

Is there any way I can support sleeti?

There are plenty of ways to support sleeti. You could join our Steam group, spread the word to your friends, or even send me a few Bitcoin to 1gC9CvhDk5spGALV7KiyZxx53yW2w5Cgh (you can verify this is me on my Keybase profile). All BTC donations will be used to keep this demo running and to fuel development.

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